Candy Kittens came to Visit!

For those of us who werent watching the football (the England match specifically), some of us were attending an event on Branding!

Btw – It’s 0 – 0 at half time when I’m writing this!

I watched a Virgin Startup/ StartupU event tonight and it was very interesting to have a local entrepreneur as our first speaker. Ibs is part of Fr3shbox, he discussed his journey and how improtant it is to have a heart to your brand.

His story is a surprising one, he used to be a commercial lawyer but he found a passion for convenient and healthy food, that can be helpfully delivered to your work (I’m not sponsored, but I’m always open to new opportunities! :p)

Our second speakers were going to be Jamie and Ed from Candy Kittens but Jamie wasn’t able to make it, he had filming conflicts with the new series of Made in Chelsea. Ed more than held his own with a very engaging talk – if you every get the chance to hear him, I would highly recommend it!

Ed started his journey in industrial manufacturing but it didn’t hold his heart like branding did (But don’t tell his dad!). He and Jamie met by accident and a business bloomed, that also borne some trendy sweets – the Peach Fizz are my favourites!

Both of these stories started in very different places, but both had similar messages that they wanted to pass on:

So what did I learn from their talks?

  1. Branding is supposed to be emotional, it’s the heart of your business
  2. Make sure you have a product before you launch, it can be quite awkward otherwise…
  3. Plan, research and prepare – know your stuff!
  4. Dolla Dolla Bills Y’all! Money isn’t everything but it is important – don’t waste it!




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