What do you get when you mix Vegan Sweets and Pork Scratchings?

Its your friendly neighbourhood POPS delivery woman :p

StartUpU London 12.07.2018 78


We hosted another event, at WeWork Tower Bridge┬áthis time – the views though!

StartUpU London 12.07.2018 68

We had 5 guests to speak this time:

StartUpU London 12.07.2018 55

Joe Benn from Ugly Drinks

StartUpU London 12.07.2018 45


Joe told us about how important it is to stand out in the market and to be transparent about who you are and what your product is.



Suzie Walker from The Primal Pantry

StartUpU London 12.07.2018 39


Suzie taught us how cashflow is important but the most vital thing is to believe in your product!



Harry and James from POPS

StartUpU London 12.07.2018 20

StartUpU London 12.07.2018 21


Harry and James told us about how important it is to know your audience and to utilise that knowledge!



Nick Coleman from Snaffling Pig

StartUpU London 12.07.2018 17



Nick taught us to have fun with your product, everything in business doesnt have to be serious and boring!



Jamie and Edward from Candy Kittens

StartUpU London 12.07.2018 31

StartUpU London 12.07.2018 37


Finally, Jamie and Ed told us the importance of actually liking your products and how it is so key to know your audience and what they want from you!


So what did I learn from all of this? (Apart from how to deliver snacks and apparently find this mans head fascinating…)

StartUpU London 12.07.2018 81

I learned that what you put into your business you should get out of it, but don’t forget why you started and NEVER forget who your customers are.

Also, don’t let supermarkets dick you around – but they each have their own stories to tell you about that!


Bonus content: Caption this!


Cassie Out!

StartUpU London 12.07.2018 97

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