Money is not kind, nor is it forgiving

Money is not kind, nor is it forgiving - especially when you have none to begin with.


I am Bad at Games…

I never realised until I tried to play them regularly, quite how bad I am at video games...(Although, my picture editing has gotten better!)When I played Owl Watch I though it would be a cute little journey, with mystical music and maybe a boss fight a boss or two... WRONG!I died well over 50 times and… Continue reading I am Bad at Games…


I Graduated!

Cassie is a free elf! And may I never have to enter back into the institute of dark arts! (aka university) As you can see from my fetching gown and pointy hat, I graduated yesterday! I am now the holder of a Bachelors of Arts degree with Honours and my grandparents were proud as punch!… Continue reading I Graduated!

Experiences, YouTube

Editing is Stressful!

  So this is where I'm at! The right photo is the first photo I have ever edited and the left my second. Both are thumbnails for my YouTube gaming videos (one not published yet, so keep your eyes peeled!). I think I was actually better when I started! haha However, I never realised how… Continue reading Editing is Stressful!


YouTube is Hard!

And Editing Sucks! So, you bolster your courage to get infront of the camera, you spend time trying to find something you think will be interesting to watch and you invest in equipment... *Climactic music* Then the camera doesn't work with the mic, the game is to powerful for your computer and most critically -… Continue reading YouTube is Hard!


Did you say Love Island?

I am 22 and I most thoroughly terrible at keeping up with pop culture! (The fact I call it pop culture probably doesn't help...) I saw a meme yeterday on Facebook about the key to winning Love Island - have someone from Essex on your team. (I didnt realise at the time of writing, but… Continue reading Did you say Love Island?


What do you get when you mix Vegan Sweets and Pork Scratchings?

You get a flavour explosion!